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Bored with her lackluster life, Jules just wants one last adventure before resigning herself to the office job that awaits her. The carefully planned hiking trip crumbles apart as she’s forced through a portal to a world bursting with untapped magic and choked by rebellion.


With the portal closed, Jules is thrust into the middle of a civil war with nowhere else to turn. Grappling with the foreign magic that flows through her veins and fueled by a newfound bloodlust, returning home hardly crosses her mind. But there is one universal law of this new realm that all abide: Otherwordly beings must be eliminated.


Can Jules keep the truth of her origins hidden as she climbs the ranks of the rebellion? The closer she gets to the rebel leader, the harder it becomes… and the more evident it is that the two worlds are more intertwined than anyone admits.

Releasing March 8th, 2024

A Sapphic Portal

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My Story

I love anything that involves creating, whether its splattering some paint somewhere, crocheting, or taking pottery classes on a whim and making lopsided bowls.  Writing has always been the creative outlet I come back to time and time again though.

So I set out to publish my first book, and bring you all along for the ride.  The draft is finished, and now the work begins to bring this book to you all March 8th.

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